Fintech ecosystem with the most popular products on the market and simple financial instruments. We are moving forward together with our customers.

We started in 2014 with a simple idea – anyone in any country should get an easy and secure way to increase their capital by using of cryptocurrency. It was a bold decision. The cryptocurrency market was just beginning to develop and it was difficult to assess the consequences of investment decisions.

We took a risk, and for several years now, a team from different countries has been working under the Pi Union brand to bring together the most popular products on the market into one Fintech ecosystem and simplify specialized financial forms. We always remember that you have a choice and therefore we offer а wide range of services.

Our clients independently choose how to make a profit and how to manage their money. We provide a technologically secure partnership.

  • Investment platform
    Protection and increase of capital. We offer portfolios with classic and alternative strategies for venture and cryptocurrency investments.
  • Payment platform
    A complete solution for businesses that need to receive and send bulk transactions, accept BTC and ETH, or work with SWIFT and SEPA.
  • Cryptocurrency exchange
    A licensed crypto exchange service with two-stage verification, “cold wallet” technology and real-time data exchange.
  • Credit card + IBAN
    Remote account opening IBAN without a deposit in a European bank with a MasterCard card as a gift. The card comes in the mail, without visiting the bank.
  • EuPi Stablecoin
    The personalized currency EuPi for crypto trading, settlement, and financial transactions is protected from volatility and backed by financial instruments.
  • ATM network
    The unique platform outside the bank’s control contains a complete set of tools necessary for the deployment and operation of the ATM network.
We are open to communication, if you have any problems, suggestions or questions, please contact us.