The most common word in our team is “Security”. This word has become one of the principles of our activity. We do not solve problems, we prevent their occurrence.

We know there are many facets to security in the digital world, but three of them are the most important to us: the security of your data, the security of your operations, and the security of your finances.

Your data

All information between you and the Union services is transmitted via secure communication channels and stored in encrypted form. We process your data in our ecosystem — Pi Union Private Cloud. Our distributed IT infrastructure is located in secure data centers in Europe with additional protection against attacks from the Internet. The backup works in real time simultaneously to several independent locations.

Your operations

You can trust other clients of Pi Union and not worry about the security of the operation. During registration, the Commonwealth specialists carefully check the documents and activities of each new client. We follow KYC and AML procedures: we recognize false documents, conduct interviews, record videos and take photos. All events and transactions between clients are recorded in a special log created on the Blockchain technology. No one has access to this log for changes.

Your finances

Information about your funds is stored on an anonymous “Cold Wallet”. This means that no one but you will be able to log in to the system and perform operations. The wallet data is downloaded from a non-writable storage medium, and the transaction history is recorded in the blockchain log of a separate service. Working with a cold wallet is impossible to track or hack. We guarantee you the confidentiality of your communication. Our customer support team is available 24/7.

We are open to communication, if you have any problems, suggestions or questions, please contact us.

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