Hybrid Acquiring

Christmas and the New Year are coming, and it’s time for surprises. We decided not to stand aside. And give you a big one. A big one. A BIG present. Tear off the colorful paper, open the box… yes! It’s hybrid acquiring from Pi Union!

You all know the classic card acquiring scheme: the customer pays the merchant. The merchant pays the fee at the acquirer’s rate. The acquirer pays the interchange to the card issuer. The acquirer and the card issuer pay the fees to the card processor.

But why complicate the business process and pay high commissions if the client can pay in cryptocurrency for any product you sell? It can be a villa in Bulgaria or sunglasses or a new c-class car – we can freely integrate our product into any category of sales.

Absolutely everything can be paid in cryptocurrency if you use our API.

So, the customer goes to the merchant’s payment window, makes a purchase with the card and automatically gets an account in the system after passing the KYC procedure. The acquirer, on the other hand, conducts the usual transaction to debit the client’s card, credits the cryptocurrency and automatically, after the checkout process is completed, the client makes the payment to the merchant.

Our product seamlessly allows you to embed the account into third-party systems, games and services, exchangers, exchanges, create accounts and even process payments using stable currencies. (spoiler: we provide Stablecoin too)

This solution is ideal for international business processes because of its ease, technology and speed of transactions.

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