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Pi Union is a community of fintech companies with an innovative set of services. We share common business processes, IT infrastructure, values and goals.

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Pi Payments

  • Opening an account without a deposit
  • Get paid and manage expenses
  • Low commission for transfers
Remote account opening Mobile Application Credit card with IBAN
Cryptocurrency Center

Crypto Pi

  • Low entry threshold for investment
  • Transactions with tokens from different portfolios
  • Ease of working with the account
Cryptocurrency investments Investments calculator Expert assistance
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  • Low transaction fees
  • Linking cards, accounts, and other wallets
  • Available for operations at any time
Cryptocurrency Exchange Working with BTC, ETH, SWIFT and SEPA Bulk transactions
Investment Fund

Pi Capital

  • Special investment opportunities
  • Additional financial instruments
  • Making above-average profits
Alternative strategies Analytics and news
Smart ecosystem

Digital banking

  • Partnership in strategic development
  • Reinventing ATM features
  • Customer engaging and loyalty
“Bank-in-Shop” concept Solving retail challenges Consistent Smart ATM revenue

We have a license to operate, follow KYC/AML procedures, use cold wallets, operate in our own cloud ecosystem, and provide transparent reporting.


For those who understand trends or heard about cryptocurrency payments for the first time, we created a new version of IIZIPAY. Now you don’t have to choose between payments in fiat currency or electronic assets – we’ll update our app shortly to make both equally easy.

IIZIPAY 2.0 combines IBAN and crypto account in one app. No more need to register in several systems or applications, remember many passwords, pass different verifications to be able to pay with crypto for a purchase in a store.

Just download our application from App Store or Google Play, sign up and…that’s it!

From now on you can refill your IBAN with any amount and buy cryptocurrency with it. Funds will be instantly exchanged into electronic money on the secure exchange and returned to your account as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

If you want to reverse the action, it will be just as easy.

As before, you can pre-order our card which you can use just like any other card – withdraw cash from ATMs, pay in stores, give gifts to your loved ones using your own cryptocurrency funds in your account.

Is ease your choice?

We are open to communication, if you have any problems, suggestions or questions, please contact us.
  • Kevin R Smith
    Joint Managing Director Crypto Pi
    We have a stablecoin!
    Our proprietary currency for crypto trading, settlement, and financial transactions is protected from volatility and backed by financial instruments.
  • Alexey Shternshis
    Joint Managing Director –°apital Pi
    Financial freedom
    Our clients take advantage of modern investment opportunities and move their capital around the world. This is true financial freedom.
  • Alex Zask
    CEO PiUnion
    Credit card with IBAN
    Remote opening of an account with an IBAN without a deposit in a European bank with a MasterCard plastic card as a gift. The card comes in the mail, without visiting the bank.
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  • +78%
    Growth of crypto transactions in 2020
  • 101M
    Cryptocurrency users in the world
  • 476%
    Return on crypto investments in 2020
  • 11.7B
    Spending on blockchain solutions will reach 2022
  • -30%
    Blockchain reduces infrastructure costs